Monday, June 7, 2010

2000 Pittsburgh Mega Men End Season on a High Note..

The 2000 Pittsburgh Mega Men ended their season on a high note at the Ronald McDonald tournament. The boys compiled a 2-1-1 record against some quality competition, but fell just short of advancing to the championship round. For the year, the boys compiled a 8-8-1 record against quality competition, with many making significant improvement as the season progressed. Still plenty of work to be done to play with the big boys, but that gives the boys something to strive for...

I'd personally like to thank everyone for their commitment to the team and for the tremendous instruction Coach Yuri and his staff provided. The boys were presented with a lot of new information\training throughout the season and you could really see some things starting to click towards the end. Great job coaches!

This experience, for me, has been both fun and rewarding. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the new folks this year and hope we've made lasting relationships. The growth the boys experience, playing against top competition, is what makes everything worth it. I truly hope you all enjoyed your time this Spring. I'm going to talk with the coaches and see what their thoughts are for the future. I truly would like to continue moving forward with the development for the boys. Thanks again to a great group of kids and parents for a fun filled season!

Bob Adamski